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College Life, song lyrics

Song: College Life
Lyrics: Porter Emerson Browne (2)

Music: Henry Frantzen
Year: 1906
Genre: March
Country: USA

Oh, you may sing 'till echoes ring,
Of the lives so glad and free,
But College Life, the knowledge life,
Is the life of all for me,
Nothing to do but stay up all night,
Make believe study, play cards and fight,
The clothes that we wear, are a wonder to see,
Oh, when we haze our fellow man in friendly strife,
That's a game that is glorious!
For that makes such a muss
We caress our friends with billy, brick or knife,
Our repatation's (sic) notorious,
We always do to others as we would not have them do to us.
We don't mean of course, to cripple him for life,
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Father and mother pay all the bills,
And we have all the fun,
of friendly rivalry of college strife, Hooray!
We have to figure an awful lot,
To tell them what we've done,
With the money that we spend for College Life. Life.

In college days we love to haze,
Ev'ry little freshman here,
We make him stand upon one hand,
And we pour things in his ear,
Force him to eat up his gloves and shoes,
Take all his money to buy us booze,
We shave off his hair and shampoo him with beer
In college games we have the greatest fun of all,
We will find a fellow who is thin and tall
And kick him in the chest
Joyously the waiting ambulance we call
While we are busy in fighting them.
If any one is left alive the football team will do the rest.
We don't mean of course, to cripple him for life,
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1 - Published by F. B. Haviland Publishing Co., New York.

2 - Porter Emerson Browne, in Wikipedia