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The Yellow Ribbon, song lyrics

Song: The Yellow Ribbon
Lyrics: Marie Le Baron (1)

Music: to the tune of "Wearing of the Green"
Year: 1876 (2)
Country: USA

Oh, we wear a yellow ribbon upon our woman's breast,
We are prouder of its sunny hue than of a royal crest;
'Twas God's own primal color, born of purity and light,
We wear it now for Liberty, for Justice and for Right.

'Tis just a hundred years ago our mothers and our sires,
Lit up, for all the world to see, the flame of fredom's fires;
Through bloodshed and through hardship they labored in the fight;
Today we women labor still for Liberty and Right.
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We boast our land of freedom, the unshackling of the slaves;
We point with proud, through bleeding hearts, to myriads of graves.
They tell the story of a war than ended Slavery's night;
And still we women struggle for our Liberty, our Right.


1 - We don't know if this is the same Marie Le Baron who wrote The Villa Bohemia in 1882. If you have any citations or other information it would be appreciated, if you sent us an email. Thank you.

2 - The art of citizenship: Suffrage literature as social pedagogy, p.11.

3 - The colour gold was initially used with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony's campaign to get Kansas referendum on suffrage in 1867. Pro-suffrage movements adopted the Kansas state flower, the sunflower as their own, and later yellow began to be used interchangably with gold. Eventually the yellow ribbon became a symbol of the suffrage movement. See: An Introduction to the Woman's Suffrage Movement, National Women's History Museum.