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Womans Rights, song lyrics

Song: Womans Rights
Lyrics: Kate Horn(1)(2)

Music: Kate Horn
Year: 1853(1)
Genre: Ballad
Country: USA

Since many wish to hear in verse
    What I think woman's rights,
I'll quck dear friends to you rehearse
    My thoughts, in hopes as lights,
They'll act upon those dark en'd minds,
    Who strive to gain applause,
By novely in making claims
    Regardless of the cause.

'Tis "womans Right" a home to have
    As perfect as can be,
But "Not her right" to make that home
    To ev'ry lover free;
'Tis "womans right" to rule the house,
    And petty troubles brave,
But "not her right" to rule the head
    And treat him as her slave.

'Tis "Woman's right" to dress as gay
    As she can well afford,
But "not her right" in doing this
    To ruin quick her lord.
'Tis "Woman's right" to claim sole love
    From those who with her link,
But "not her right" when troubles come
    To change, and from them shrink.

'Tis "Woman's right" to claim respect
    From men of ev'ry grade,
But "not her right" to walk around
    As master to each trade
'Tis "Womans' right" as wife to act
    Alone to Legislators,
But "not her right" to mound the stand
    And speak as commentators.

'Tis "Woman's right" if needs must be
    The ocean's storm to brave,
But "not her right" the Barque(5) to guide
    Across the ocean wave;
'Tis "Woman's right" to freely speak
    And Honestly advise,
But "not her right" to gain her ends
    By pouting - sulks - or sighs.

'Tis "Woman's right" to have around
    A group of "merry fays,"
But "not her right" to pettish prove
    And spoil their youthful days;
'Tis "Woman's right" to have man's heart
    Held surely by "Love's chains,"
But "not her right" to entertain
    A host of faithless swains.


1 - Transcribed from the sheetmusic by Horace Waters, 333 Broadway, New York, NY.

2 - Sorry, we have no biographical data on this Kate Horn. If you do, we would be grateful if you would share it with us. Please click on the About page in the menu at the top and send us an email. Thank you.

3 - The cover of the sheet music reads: "Dedicated (Without Permission) to Mrs. Oakwood Smith & Mrs. Amelia Bloomer" and "Rightly written for the "Womans Rights Conventions" by Kate Horn (Not one of the Womans rights Convention)". This song is clearly meant as a criticism of the woman's rights movement.

4 - Amelia Jenks Bloomer (1818 – 1894) referred to on the cover of the score and was a journalist and was active in the women's rights movment. Information on the Women's Rights Conventions.

5 - A "barque" was a sailing ship.