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We're Camping Tonight, song lyrics

Song: We're Camping Tonight
Lyrics: unknown

Music: unknown
Year: c. Feb. 1917(1)
Genre: Camp Song
Country: USA

We're camping tonight on the White House grounds,
Give us a rousing cheer;
Our golden flag we hold aloft,
Of cops we have no fear.

Many of the pickets are weary tonight,
Wishing for the war to cease;
Many are the chilblains(5) and frost bites too;
It no life of ease.

"Tom Lawson(6), Barney Baruch(7),
Charley Sabin(8), and Otto Kahn(9)" as a quartet singing:
They met Tom Lawson in the street,
Barney and Charles and Ot.
He said, "You boys appeared to know,
More than the public ought;
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Now, won't you come to Washington,
And tell about the leak?"
They whispered, "No, no, thank you Tom,"
And didn't give a squeak.

But Tom came, willing, eager, too,
And said they should be brought;
So Henry sent a sergeant-at-arms for,
Barney, and Charles and Ot.
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"Now, boys," said Bob, "come tell us all,
About this inside ring."
They whispered, "No, no, thank you, Bob,"
And didn't tell a thing.


1 - Published in the Gettysburg Compiler, Saturday, February 24, 1917, No. 28, p.4 ""Camping Tonight" was the song to the Suffrage sentinels"

2 - Published in the Wichita Beacon, Monday, February 19, 1917, p. 2.

3 - The Art of Citizenship: Suffrage literature as social pedagogy, p.123., by Maggie Amelia Rehm, University of Pittsburg 2011. But Appendix, E.2 Song Lyrics of this dates this as March 3, 1917.

4 - This is a story of suffragists picketing the White House for women's rights to be able to vote.

5 - Human tissue damage caused by exposure to cold and humidity, was called, Chilblains.

6 - Believed to be: Tom Lawson.

7 - Barney Baruch.

8 - Charles Savin

9 - Otto Kahn.