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Votes for Women, Suffrage Rallying Song, lyrics

Song: Votes for Women, Suffrage Rallying Song
Lyrics: Edward M. Zimmerman

Music: Marie Zimmerman (4)
Year: 1915
Country: USA

What means this "Votes for Women"?
Just this the time has come
When they may voice with free men
Concerns of land and home!
Then, snap the ancient tether
Enthralling us too long,
And stoutly pull together
To right a grievous wrong!

Shout the song of "Votes for Women"!
Ring it out upon the air!
Hear its not, ye patriot freemen,
Who the right would dare!
Sing a loud with lusty vigor,
Till it rattles earth and sky,
That the woman's cause grows bigger,
And the woman's day draws nigh!
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The votes of sisters, mothers,
In ev'ry sovereign state,
For us and many others
May light the gloom of fate;
The joyless haunt of drudges
Where children toil and die
May find these votes the judges
That ask the reason why!
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Then, sisters of our nation,
Put forth your mightiest nerve,
Remember with elation
The glorious cause you serve!
Enlist your best endeavor,
Whatever that may be;
With "Votes for Women" ever, Press on to victory!



1 - Published by E. M. Zimmerman, 1710 Chestnut St., Philadelhia, PA.

2 - From the sheet music: "To Dr. Anna Howard Shaw And the Great Cause of Woman Suffrage"

3 - Give the Ballots to the Mothers, Francie Wolff, Denlinger's Publishers, Springfield, MO., 1998, p.35-37

4 - Billboard May 23, 1953, p.22 lists an obituary, for Mrs. Marie K. Zimmerman, concert singer who died, May 10, 1953, who was the "widow of Edward M. Zimmerman, who taught her voice."