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Votes for Women, song lyrics

Song: Votes for Women
Lyrics: Mary Louise Carleton (2)

Music: Mary Louise Carleton
Year: circa 1910's
Country: USA

There is no realm in earth's domain, 'Mongst beasts, nor birds, nor bees,
Where such unequal code doth reign, As that which Man decrees!
Who holds that Woman hath no part, Nor place in council grave.
Who holds that Man alone is "smart," And pure, and wise, and brave.

Ah! relic of a bygone age, Shall we thy truth admit?
Shall never Man turn o'er the page, On which was error writ?
Shall we ne'er waken from that Night, We dwelt in cave and tree,
When simple force of Might made Right, When Woman mute must be?
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But now we see the Light gleaming o'er the land,
Justice and Right marching hand in hand, Struggle on, for victory is near,
The day is come when women vote.
Votes for Women! Just our simple right;
We want to help make the world more bright.
Men must know that we are truly working for the good of all.
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'Twas said not many years ago, By men wise and discreet,
That women had no souls, you know, But only hands and feet.
These days we've souls, that's some relief, But still the fact remains.
According to man's best belief, We're sadly short of brains!

Day follows night, and Darkness flees, At dawn of Justice fair,
When inequality shall cease, In council all may share.
Why should not woman work with Man, To speed the coming day,
When shall become in fact, the plan, That God hath alway?



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2 - Library reference, WorldCat provides a listing of a book written in 1911 by Mary Louise Carleton, titled, Votes for women : the great equal suffrage campaign song dedicated to the universal cause of equal suffrage.