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Uncle Sam's Wedding, song lyrics

Song: Uncle Sam's Wedding
Lyrics: L. May Wheeler

Music: to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"
Year: circa 1884
Country: USA

Of all the songs that have been sung,
Within the states and nation,
There's not that comes so near the heart,
As "Uncle Sam's" relation.

"Yankee Doodle" is his name,
U. S. his honored station;
Red and white and starry blue
His garb on each occasion.

When Uncle Sam set up his house,
He welcomed every brother,
But in the haste of his new life He quite forgot this mother.

Now his house is up in arms,
A keeper he must find him,
To sweep and dust and set to rights
The tangles all about him.
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Uncle Sam is long in years
And he is growing wiser;
He now can see 'twas a mistake To have no Miss-advistor.

His nephews now have go the reins,
And looking o'er their shoulder,
Shout to lonely Uncle Sam,
"Goodby, old man, forever."
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Now we're here dear Uncle Sam
To help you in your trouble;
And the first thing best to do
Is making you a double.

Yankee Doodle will be gad,
To join with us in spreading
The news abroad o'er all the land
Of Uncle Sam's great wedding.


1 - Appeared in the 1884 booklet "Booklet of Song: a collection of suffrage and temperance melodies, compiled by L. May Wheeler, 47p and printed by the Co-operative Print Co., of Minneapolis.