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That Sufragette, song lyrics

Song: That Sufragette
Lyrics: Pauline R. Browne

Music: Pauline R. Browne
Year: c.1913
Country: USA

O, the Suffragette, whether blonde or brunette
is the one, O don't forget who'll never run in debt;
O, her mind isn't set on a fine aigrette,
And you can bet that she is not a coquette.
Not Mannish enough to require a "Gillette",
Not bold, not rough an not given to fret;
Oh, the finest little woman that you surely ever met
Is the nineteen thirteen Suffragette.
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O, you often meet her upon the street,
And altho' her gown is simple, she is always neat;
In her shoes there's room for her shapely feet
And her unpainted face is very sweet,
If a crowded car can't afford a seat,
She doesn't look sour and completely beat;
Disposition sweet as candy,
Suffragettes are fine and dandy,
They are women you should want to greet.


1 - Give the Ballots to the Mothers, Francie Wolff, Denlinger's Publishers, Springfield, MO., 1998, p.101-102