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The Taxation Tyranny, song lyrics

Song: The Taxation Tyranny
Lyrics: General E. Estabrook (1) (3)

Music: to the tune of "The Red, White and Blue"
Year: 1897 (2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

To tax one who's not represented
Is tyranny-tell if you can
Why women should not have the ballot?
She's taxed just the same as the man.
King George, you remember, denied us
the ballot, but sent us the tea.
And we. without asking a question,
Just tumbled it into the sea.
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Then to justice let's ever be true,
To each citizen render his due.
Equal rights and protection forever
To all 'neath the Red, White and Blue!

That one man shall not rule another,
Unless by the other's consent,
Is the principle deep underlying
The framework of this government.
So, as woman is punished for breaking
the laws which she cannot gainsay,
Let us give her a voice in the making,
Or ask her no more to obey.


1 - Against the Tide: Pro-feminist Men in the United States, 1776-1990, a documentary history, by Michael S. Kimmel and Thomas E. Mosmiller, 1992, Beacon Press, p.xi and p.519 puts the song as around 1912.

2 - Suffragist Sheet Music: an illustrated catalogue of published music associated with the women's rights and suffrage movement in America, 1795-1921, by Danny O Crew, 2002, p.152. Copyright for the Taxation Tyranny was 1897.

3 - We are looking for further references, but there was a General Charles E. Estabrook, a Republican Party candidate who received the title of General, by being elected as the Wisconsin Attorney General in 1886. But we can't find any confirmation it is the same person.