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Suffrage March, song lyrics

Song: Suffrage March
Lyrics: Lucenia W. Richards

Music: Lucenia W. Richards
Year: 1914
Country: USA

We're a band of suffragists
Fighting for the cause we love.
We are in the fight to stay to reach the goal,
'Till side by side with gentlemen,
We sheath the sword and grasp the pen
Cast our ballots, claim our rights from poll to poll.
To our brave and noble sisters
Fighting far across the sea,
We extend the hand of love, As we waft a prayer above,
To our God who leads the right to victory.
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Onward is the battle cry,
of suffrage just and right,
We will trust our loyal Captain
He will lead us in his might.
We will ne'er retreat an inch,
Until opposition's done
And all the world proclaims to us
That women's rights are won. Won.

We will do our duty still,
Do it right and with a will,
Bake the pies and rock the cradle, Watch the door,
To get the best of methods in
Do not forget that we can win.
And do for you as we have done in days of yore.
May! Your mother is woman
More than Dad she's done for you,
She'll help you steer the ship of state,
As she's help to shaped your fate,
When you pay her just her fair and honest due.



1 - Transcribed from the score by Richards & Richards Publishers, 413-421 Ft. Dearborn Building, 105 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill, USA

2 - Sorry we have no biographical information on Lucenia W. Richards. If you do we would appreciate any information you can pass along to us. Thank you.