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Songs of Equal Suffrage, lyrics

Song: Songs of Equal Suffrage
Lyrics: Charlotte Perkins Gilman (2)(3)

Year: 1911
Country: USA

Day of hope and day of Glory!
After slavery and woe,
Comes the day of woman's fredom
And the light shall grow and grow
Until every man and woman
Equal liberty shall know,
In Freedom marching on!

Woman's right is woman's duty!
For our share of life we call!
Our will it is not weakened
And our power it is not small.
We are half of every nation!
We are mother of them all!
In wisdom marching on!

Not for self but larger service
Has our cry for freedom grown,
There is crime, disease and warfare
In a world of men alone,
In the name of love we're rising
Now to serve and save our own.
As Peace come marching on!
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By every sweet and tender tie
around our heartstrings curled,
In the cause of nobler motherhood
is woman's flag unfurled,
Till every child shall know
the joy and peace of mother's world
As Love comes marchinh on!

We will help to make a pruning hook
of every outgrown sword,
We will help to knit the nations
in continuing accord,
In humanity made perfect
is the glory of the Lord.
As His world goes marching on!


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