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Song of Wyoming, song lyrics

Song: Song of Wyoming
Lyrics: Julia Mills Dunn (1)

Music: to the tune of "Missionary Hymn"
Year: assumed to be circa 1890 (2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

From Wyoming's rocky valley
to the wild New Hampshire hills,
From our northern lakes of silver
to the sunny southern rills,
Lo! the clarion call of Freedom
all the listening silence thrills!
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We have heard the voice of Freedom
from that far off western shore,
We have heard the echoes calling,
as our fathers heard of yore,
Let us sing its stirring music,
"Equal rights forevermore!"

We have watched the dawning splendor
of a promise in the skies,
We have heard his accents tender,
"Lo! ye faithful ones arise!"
"Who would equal justice render,
I will never more despise."


1 - Julia Mills Dunn, a short biography

2 - The year, 1890, Wyoming became the first state with universal suffrage.