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Shall Women Vote? Song lyrics

Song: Shall Women Vote?
Lyrics: Joseph D. Payne (1) (2)

Music: Frank Boylen
Year: 1881
Country: USA

Shall women vote, we answer, yes,
How could we answer no,
And boast of freedom in our midst,
Without entailing woe.
Why should they not plug ugly, tell,
What rights have you to claim,
That they have not with right, as well,
To ask, demand the same.

For the love pow'r is the strongest,
In earth, or heav'n above,
With harmony surrounded,
Its author, God is love!

Does might make right, is this your plea,
If so please stand aside,
The elephant will take the front,
Our ship of state to guide.
Is it because that you can drink
More whiskey, beer, and wine,
And not get drunk, and seem to think
Your majesty divine?
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Is it because you look so wise,
And say big words of love
While beams from out those blood streak'd eyes
The words, my dear, my dove?
A serpent knew the pow'r of love,
Six thousand years ago,
And did he to your sex appeal?
The echo, answers no!


Talk not of freedom, equal rights,
Cold hearted, selfish knaves,
While in our land, around our hearths,
Dwell twenty million slaves.
Love, justice, liberty, demands,
That they should be set free,
Can you such pow'rs as these withstand,
And claim consistency?
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The past and present all combine,
To prove this pow'r of love,
And show its origin divine,
Decending from above.
Then wield your pow'r angelic choir,
'Till earth and heav'n combine
To place your rights beyond dispute,
And prove the pow'r divine.


1 - Adobe pdf file, Celebrating Nora UU Church‘s Gathering Day, 1881, With Music of the late 1800s

2 - Adobe pdf file, cover of sheet music, p.3