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Peace to the World, song lyrics

Song: Peace to the World
Lyrics: Charlotte Perkins Gilman(1)(2)

Music: to the tune of "Antioch"
Year: 1913
Country: USA

Peace to the world! The hour is nigh,
When man shall greet his Queen,
When both shall reign in service high,
And Joy on earth be seen.
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They'll rule the world in mutual power,
They'll serve the world as one.
And every land shall hail the hour -
Of love and peace begun!

When motherlove the law shall mold,
The end of war has come;
Each child be safe in mother's hold,
And all the earth be home!


1 - Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860 - 1935) a biography by Mary Beekman, from Webster University.

2 - More information on Charlotte Perkins Gilman from the introduction of The Forerunner, reprinted in 1968.

3 - Published in The Forerunner, Volume IV, No. 3, March 1913.