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A New Suffrage Song, song lyrics

Song: A New Suffrage Song
Lyrics: William Hussey Macy (2)

Music: n/a
Year: c. 1884
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Sisters let us rouse the nation,
Let our words all hearts inspire,
Until tardy legislation
Grants us all we may desire.
Proclaim the truth by day and night;
Deny it if you can,
That every woman has the right
To vote, as well as man.

Come along, come along, speak and write and sing,
Come and join the chorus, make the echoes ring;
Keep the music rising with a swell on every note,
Till Uncle Sam is kind enough to give us all a vote.

Our cause has fought its way,
Despite the shafts of ridicule,
And he who pleads for woman's rights
No longer's called a fool.
School Suffrage has been meted out
In States both East and West,
And by persistent work, no doubt
We'll manage all the rest.

Come along, come along, speak and sing and write,
Come along for Suffrage, while the prospect's looking bright;
We'll have reason to be proud of all we ever said or wrote
When Uncle Sam is wise enough to give us all a vote.
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In Wyoming our sisters fair
Can use the ballot well;
Why can't we do so everywhere?
Can anybody tell?
If woman's influence counts for good
In education's cause,
Why then, of course it would
In anti-liquor laws.

Come along, come along, sing and write and speak,
Come and work for Suffrage, let us gain the prize we seek;
And the strains of Freedom's song over all our land shall float,
When Uncle Sam is good enought to give us all a vote.
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Now as woman's elevation
Is progressing day by day,
And her modern education
Tending on the upward way,
To win the Suffrage that we need,
Depends on us alone.
Men say that if we don't succeed
The fault will be our own.

Come along, come along, speak and write and plan,
Till woman to the polls shall go side by side with man;
Then for great moral evils we shall find the antidote,
And Uncle Sam be glad enough he gave us all a vote.


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