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A New Prison Song; lyrics

Song: A New Prison Song
Lyrics: n/a

Music: to the tune of "We've Been Working on a Railroad"
Year: August 31, 1918 (1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

We've been starving in a workhouse(2),
All the livelong day.
We've been starving in a workhouse,
Just to pas the S.B.A.
This song was originally posted on
Don't you hear old Zinkham(3) calling
Rise up so early in the morn
Don't you see the Senate moving?
Woodrow, Blow your horn.(4)


1 - The art of citizenship: Suffrage literature as social pedagogy, appendix, E.2 Song Lyrics, by Maggie Amelia Rehm, University of Pittsburg 2011

2 - The Occoquan Workhouse (prison) was also known as the Lorton Reformatory, according to Wikipedia

3 - A zinkham is a jail warden

4 - Suffragist, 31, August 1918, p.9. This was a song sung by the Suffragists, imprisoned at the Occoquan Prison "workhouse" for protesting in front of the White House, under President Woodrow Wilson.