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The New America, song lyrics

Song: The New America
Lyrics: Elizabeth Boynton Harbert (2) (3)

Music: to the tune of "America"
Year: 1891
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Our country, now from thee,
Claim we our liberty,
In freedom's name
Guarding home's altar fires,
Daughters of patriot sires,
Their zeal our own inspires,
Justice to claim

Women in every age,
For this great heritage,
Tribute have paid.
Our birth-right claim we now,
Longer refuse to bow,
On freedom's altar now,
Our hand is laid.
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Sons, will you longer see,
Mothers on bended knee,
For justice pray?,
Rise now, in manhood's might,
With earth's great souls unite,
To speed the dawning light,
Of freedom's day


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