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Let Us Go Free, song lyrics

Song: Let Us Go Free
Lyrics: Charlotte Perkins Gilman(1)(2)

Music: to the tune of "Bonnie Dundee"
Year: 1913
Genre: Traditional Scottish
Country: USA

To the Lords of Creation 'twas woman who spake,
Before things grow worse there are new laws to make,
So each modern man who lives honor and me -
Let him give us the ballot and let us go free!

Come vote for our measure! come vote like a man!
Do justice to women - we know that you can!
Come alter the statutes and let us go free -
For it's time for the ballot for women you see!
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The mother is asking for power to be shared,
Politicians are angry and criminals scared,
But the father (wise man!) says, "Jest e'en let it be,
The home will be safer when women are free."

There are bad men against it but good on our side,
Tradition is narrow but progress is wide,
There are brave, honest brothers three thousand times three,
Who will give us the ballot and let us go free.
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There is love in her heart, there is light in her eye,
Her conscience is clear and her courage is high,
There is hope for the world when the women are free,
Just give us the ballot and then you will see!


1 - Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860 - 1935) a biography by Mary Beekman, from Webster University.

2 - More information on Charlotte Perkins Gilman from the introduction of The Forerunner, reprinted in 1968.

3 - Published in The Forerunner, Volume IV, No. 3, March 1913.