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Hallelujah Song, song lyrics

Song: Hallelujah Song
Lyrics: L. May Wheeler

Music: to the tune of "John Brown's Body"
Year: n/a, assumed to be later 19th century
Genre: Traditonal
Country: USA

Our hearts have felt the glory of the coming of the time,
When law and right and love and might shall make our land sublime,
When mount and hill an rock and rill with freedom's light will shine,
As Truth comes marching on.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
As Truth come marching on.
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They saw it in the shadows of that old New England Bay,
They heard it in the breezes of that cold December day,
They sent it with the echoes to Britannia far away,
That Truth was marching on.

Columbia's daughters saw it when their brothers sprang to arms,
They heard it in the booming of battle's rude alarms,
They read it in the shadows of the dreary night's dead calms,
That Truth was marching on.


The trumpet then was sounded that shall never call retreat;
Adown the cent'ries softly we hear the tramp of feet;
Today we still are marching to the same old music sweet,
Of Truth still marching on.


We're here to swell the anthem that is heard across the sea,
That equal rights in law and love is meant for you and me,
Where every law was founded on the plane of liberty.
While Truth came marching on.