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Going To The Polls, song lyrics

Song: Going To The Polls
Lyrics: Julia B. Nelson (1) (2)

Music: to the tune of "Coming Thro' The Rye"
Year: 1884 (3)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

If the men should see the women
Going to the polls,
To put down the liquor traffic,
Need it vex their souls?
If we're angels, as they tell us,
Can we once suppose
That all men would frown on us
When going to the polls?
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We love our boys, our household joys!
We love our girls as well;
The law of love is from above,
'Gainst that we ne'er rebel.

No discharge have Christian women
From the war with sin;
At the polls with Gog and Magog
Must the fight begin.
Since we've Bible-marching orders,
Need it fright our souls,
Though all the men, should frown on
When going to the polls?



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2 - Julia B. Nelson, biography from the Minnesota Historical Society

3 - The year of publication is according to Song of America