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Freedom's Anthem, song lyrics

Song: Freedom's Anthem
Lyrics: Henry W. Roby

Music: to the tune of "Swanee River"
Year: 1909
Country: USA

Way up among the hills of morning,
    Gleaming and bright,
There shine and lamps of truth and justice,
    Beating back the glooms of night;
While scattered 'round about the planet,
    Boasting their might,
Men stand amid the light, denying
    The Women of the race their right.

All the world is sad and dreary,
    Everywhere they roam,
While men deny their wives and mothers
    Justice in the state and home.

Proudly amound the states and nations
    Just men proclaim
Equality of men and women,
    In freedom's high and holy name,
While creeping through the glooming shadows
    Blind men are found,
Still groping 'mid the grim old ruins
    Wrong has scattered all around.
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When shall the sons of men, grown wiser,
    Join hands in trust?
When shall we read upon their banners,
    "Right can never be unjust!"
When shall the notes of woman's triumph
    Ring clear and strong,
While all the nations join in singing
    Freedom's universal song?



1 - The Suffrage Song Book, Original Songs, Parodies and Paraphrases, adapted to Popular Melodies, by Henry W. Roby, published 1909 by Crane & Company, Topeka, Kansas, p.4