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Ev'ry One in Favor Say "Aye", song lyrics

Song: Ev'ry One in Favor Say "Aye"
Lyrics: Jack Norworth (2)

Music: Nora Bayes (3)
Year: 1911
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Ev'ry one in favor say "aye"!
In favor say "aye", in favour say "aye"!
In this campaign just yell like Cain,
And we'll pile up the votes to the sky;
Any one to the contrary, "No"!
Contrary, "No", contrary, "No"!
Let's show we're strong and all shout along with me, Aye! Aye! Aye!

A singer comes out on the stage,
And sings a song that's all the rage,
Then asks the audience to join the chorus of the song;
The folks out front think this is fine.
And sing the chorus line by line,
The singer gets the credit,
which I think is very wrong,
This should be stopped, I vow,
Adn I can tell you how;
We'll take a vote and see if we,
Can't stop this thing right now.
This song was originally posted on
One question I would like to ask,
And take you married men to task
Are we to be the weaker sex and let the women rule?
We ought to call their awful bluff.
About thsi suffrageetic stuff,
And show them mighty man cannot e turned into a fool,
Let's take one great big chance,
And pass a law per chance,
That man can stay out all 'night long,
And still retain his dignity.


1 - Published by Jerome H Remick & Co., New York

2 - Jack Norworth, in Wikipedia

3 - Nora Bayes, in Wikipedia