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Daughters of Freedom, The Ballot Be Yours, song lyrics

Song: Daughters of Freedom, The Ballot Be Yours
Lyrics: George Cooper

Music Edwin Christie
Year: 1871
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Daughters of freedom arise in your might!
March to the watchwords Justice and Right!
Why will ye slumber? wake, O wake!
Lo! on your legions light doth break!

Sunder the fetters "custom" hath made!
Come from the valley, hill and glade!

Daughters of freedom, the truth marches on,
Yield not the battle till ye have won!
Heed not the "corner," day by day
Clouds of oppression roll away!
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Dauthters of freedom, the "Ballot" be yours,
Wield it with wisdom, your hopes it secures.
"Rights that are equal" this ye claim,
Bright by your guerdon, fair your fame!



1 - Published by Oliver Ditson & Co., New York.

2 - From the sheet music: "To Mrs. Mary A. Livermore"

3 - Library of Congress, Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, ca. 1870-1885, and Recording of a performance of Daughters of Freedom