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Dare You Do It? song lyrics

Song: Dare You Do It?
Lyrics: Henry W. Roby

Music: to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic:
Year: 1909
Country: USA

There's a wave of indignation
Rolling 'round and 'round the land,
And its meaning is so mighty
Ands its mission is so grand,
That none but knaves and cowards
Dare deny its just demand,
As we go marching on...

Men and brothers, dare you do it?
Men and brothers, dare you do it?
Men and brothers, dare you do it,
As we go marching on?

Ye mend who wrong your mothers
And your wives and sisters too,
How dare you rob companions
Who are always brave and true?
How dare you make them servants
Who are all the world to you,
As they go marching on?
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Whence came your foolish notion
Now so greatly overgrown,
That a woman's sober judgment
Is not equal to your own?
Has God ordained that sufrage
Is a gift to you alone,
While life goes marching on?



1 - The Suffrage Song Book, Original Songs, Parodies and Paraphrases, adapted to Popular Melodies, by Henry W. Roby, published 1909 by Crane & Company, Topeka, Kansas, p.3