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Columbia's Daughters, song lyrics

Song: Columbia's Daughters
Lyrics: Harriet H. Robinson (1)

Music: to "Hold The Fort"
Year: 1888 (2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Hark the sound of myriad voices,
Rising in their might!
'Tis the daughters of Columbia
Peading for the right.

Raise the flag and plant the standard,
Wave the signal still;
Brothers, we must share your freedom,
Help us, and we will.
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Think it not an idle murmur,
You who hear the dry;
'Tis a plea for human freedom
Hallowed liberty!


O our country, glorious nation,
Greatest of them all!
Give unto thy daughters justice,
Or thy pride will fall.
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Great Republic to they watchword,
Wouldst thou faithful be,
All beneath thy starry banner,
Must alike be free.



1 - Harriet Hanson Robinson on Wikipedia

2 - From 1881 according to The Art of Citizenship: Suffrage literature as social pedagogy, by Maggie Amelia Rehm, University of Pittsburg 2011