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The Anti-Suffrage Rose, song lyrics

Song: The Anti-Suffrage Rose
Lyrics: Phil Hanna(1)

Music: Phil Hanna
Year: 1915(2)
Country: USA

Suffragists say,
happen what may,
They'll win the coming fight.
'Twixt you and me,
I don't agree,
We're going to show them who's right!

Jonquils they wear,
Cannot compare,
With the Anti-Suffrage Rose,
Token of love,
and a gift from above,
Loveliest flow'r that grows.

Red, red, Anti-Suffrage Rose,
You're the flow'r that's best of all!
You're better far, that Jonquils are,
We are going to prove it in the Fall.
Sweetest flow'r in all the world.
Ev'ry body knows,
You're the emblem of the Anti-Suffrage cause!
You lovely, red, red rose!
This song was originally posted on
Work for the "cause",
No time to pause,
Tell all the men you know,
Why should a few,
Rule over you?
Sufrage is ev'ry man's foe.

Beautiful flower,
Sign of the hour,
If the Jonquil wants to fight,
You cannot fall,
You're the Queen of them all,
Emblem of Truth and Right.


1 - Sorry, we have no biographical data on this Phil Hanna.

2 - Published by the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association, 685 Boylston St, Boston. A possible online reference found to this group is Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women. Newton Branch Committee records, 1894-1902: Guide.