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Another Star, song lyrics

Song: Another Star
Lyrics: Charlotte Perkins Gilman(1)(2)

Music: to the tune of "Buy a Broom"
Year: 1911(3)
Country: USA

(Suffrage Campaign Song for California(4))

There are five a-light before us,
In the flag flying o'er us,
There'll be six on next election(4) -,
We bring a new star!

A ballot for the Lady!
For the Home and for the Baby!
Come, vote ye for the Lady,
The Baby, the Home!
This song was originally posted on
We are coming like the others,
Free Sisters, Free Brothers,
In the pride of our affection
For California.



1 - Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860 - 1935) a biography by Mary Beekman, from Webster University.

2 - More information on Charlotte Perkins Gilman from the introduction of The Forerunner, reprinted in 1968.

3 - Published in The Forerunner, Volume II, No. 3, March 1911.

4 - California Women's Suffrage. At the time this song was written in 1911, only five states had voted to give women their right to vote, Wyoming (1869), Utah (1870 before it was a state, revoked in 1887 and restored in 1895), Colorado (1893), Idaho (1893), and Washington (1910). On October 10, 1911, with women's suffrage on the state ballot, California became the sixth state to give women their right to vote.