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The Work of the Landlord, song lyrics

Song: The Work of the Landlord
Lyrics: Stephen L. Suffet

Music: to the tune of "The Work of the Weavers"
Year: © 1971
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

We are all stood together over where the floorboard creaks,
It’s right below the spot where the ceiling leaks,
And the windows have been busted nigh 'bout seven weeks,
And it's all for the work of the landlord!

If it were not for the landlord what would we do?
We would not have nobody to pay our money to.
We'd spend it all on whiskey, and we'd spend it all on brew,
If it were not for the work of the landlord!

Now, the landlord came to my flat just to take a look,
And he says, "My fine man, I see your stove is brook,
And I'd buy you a new one, but you have no food to cook,”
And it's all for the work of the landlord!


There are carpenters and secretaries and firemen so bold,
There are men, there are women, there are people young and old,
But they've got to pay the rent, or they'll sleep out in the cold,
And it's all for the work of the landlord!


Now the landlord has a trade that can never fail,
As long as folks need shelter to keep from rain and hail.
It’s better than extortion, for you cannot go to jail,
So let's drink to the work of the landlord!



1 - Words by Stephen L. Suffet, copyright 1971, 1998, 2003. Posted with permission.

2 - Be sure to support songwriters by seeing their live shows Steve Suffet's Upcoming Performances.

3 - You can find Steve Suffet CD's for purchase in North America, or click here for UK CD purchases.

4 - Steve Suffet wrote: "Yes, I had several specific tenement apartments in New York City in mind at the time. All were in walk-up buildings, meaning there were no elevators. Some of the apartments had broken fixtures and/or broken appliances. Two had toilets down the hallway, separate from the apartment itself. One of those toilets didn't work, so we had to use one on a different floor. All the apartments had chipped and peeling paint, uneven floors, and lots of cockroaches that would come crawling out at night."