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Tenants All Over the City, song lyrics

Song: Tenants All Over the City
Lyrics: Elyse Crystall(1)

Music: Elyse Crystall(1)
Year: before 1986
Country: USA

Tenants all over the city,
Heed the words that I say:
"Stop landlord harassment,
And J-51(2) give-aways."

Tenants all over the city,
Don't let them put you out in the street;
Withhold your rent if you have to,
Demand that they give you good heat.
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Fight back, for SRO(3) rights,
Fight back, we won't be moved;
Fight back, public housing for all;
Fight back, and spread the new,
Spread the news.

That tenants all over the city,
Are arming themselves with their rights,
To stop co-op conversion,
And goons who call in the night.
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Fight back, Mitchell-Lama(4), In-Rem(5)
Fight back, make them open their books;
Fight back, our homes are too dear;
Fight back, and jail the crooks,
Jail the crooks.

Tenants all over the city,
Every color, religion and age;
Organize your friends and your neighbors,
Watch the anger and fear become rage,
Watch the anger and fear -
Become rage!


Thank you Tenant Net for this.

1 - Elyse Crystall was with New York's Metropolitan Council on Housing.

2 - "J-51" was a New York tax abatement program for major renovations.

3 - "SRO" is "Single Room Occupancy", a one room housing unit.

4 - NY subsidized moderate-income apartment buildings.

5 - New York City administered buildings taken over because of unpaid taxes.

6 - In the 1970's and 1980's co-op conversion were displacing people. In some areas, mostly in the 1970's, some landlords were torching buildings to collect the insurance after the arsons.