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Stop that Noise, song lyrics

Song: Stop that Noise
Lyrics: Dave Marlon(1)(2)

Music: Dave Marlon
Year: 1895(2)
Country: USA

In a tenement house, where I reside, there's a family overhead,
A racket that they make each night is enough to wake the dead.
When I tell them for to stop they give me as reply,
And the neighbors on the floor below all begin to cry:
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"Stop that noise, there's people underneath yer!
Stop that noise, if I go up I'll make yer!
With yer jigging and yer reeling you're caving In the ceiling;
My fist you'll soon be feeling. Will you stop that noise?"

They kept the racket going all this morning until four:
'Twas then I lost my patience and says I, "I'll stand no more."
When I told them for to stop they hit me In the eye,
And, as they kicked me down the stairs, the tenants all did say..
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The neighbors all got frightened, and they called in the police,
Who marched us to the station house for not keeping the peace.
Next morn before the judge we went, ten dollars had to pay.
After this I'll never interfere, and let the tenants say:



1 - Sorry we have no biographical data on Dave Marlon. If you do we would appreciate if you would go to our "About" page, email us and let us know. Thank you.

2 - The sheet music was published in 1895 by The Marion Music Publishing Co., 1162 Broadway, New York City, 40 cents.