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Slum Landlord from the Lower East Side, song lyrics

Song: Slum Landlord from the Lower East Side
Lyrics: Tuli Kupferberg(2)

Music: Ken Weaver(2)
Year: 1965
Genre: Punk
Country: USA

Well I stumbled poorly down the street one day,
Who was rolling his Royce(3) my way?

Slum landlord from the Lower East Side.
Slum landlord gonna make him my guy.

Well the first block that I busted, well it made me a grand,
The second block I arsoned, well it turned into sand.
The third block I assembled, well I gentrified to Hell,
I made two million greenies. You can say I'm doing well.
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The zoning and the tax laws, well we can make amends.
The Mayor and the Governor they are my best friends.
The Reagans(?)(4) and the bookies(?)(4) they're a piece of shit.
Don't look at me like that you punk, it's gonna be a hit.
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There's no investor in the world that's half as slick and sound.
My swinging little shyster from Alphabet Town(5).
It's really very hip, to sail his motor ship.
Where we tote that freebase down.




1 - Transcribed from The Fugs 1984 album, Basket of Love.

2 - Kupferberg's written verion of the 1965 Ken Weaver (then co-member of The Fugs) song Slum Goddess of the Lower East Side.

3 - Rolls Royce, automobile.

4 - I am not totally certain of either of these two syllable words or names

5 - A reference to Alphabet City, in the East Village, Manhattan, New York, NY