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The Old Landlord's Dump, song lyrics

Song: The Old Landlord's Dump
Lyrics: Mark Charles(1) and Sheila Ritter(2)

Music: to the tune of Cyril Tawney's 1959 "Grey Funnel Line"
Year: 1981
Country: USA

I mind the rain coming in my roof,
It's cold and wet and that's the truth,
So late at night when I close my eyes,
I feel it drip and I moan and sigh.

It's one more day in my old landlord's dump!

I mind the cockroaches in the sink,
I mind the living room painted pink;
I mind the water that comes out rust,
There is no landlord a tenant can trust.
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I mind the snow piling 'round the door,
When he'll shovel it I'm not sure;
I mind the cold coming through the walls,
My heat bills rise as the temperature falls.


Oh, Lord, if dreams were only real,
I'd find a place to buy for a steal;
Then I'd drive right by that landlord's place,
And stick my tongue out in his face.
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My friends and I will save our dimes,
We'll work and plan until that time;
Then we'll buy a house that we can share,
And all our lives we'll be happy there.

We'll live no more in that old landlord's dump!


1 - Mark Charles an Ann Arbor, Michigan tenant.

2 - Sheila Ritter an Ann Arbor tenant.