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Oh Those Landlords, song lyrics

Song: Oh Those Landlords
Lyrics: Mohr (2)

Music: Mohr (2)
Years: 1919 or earlier
Genre: Popular
Country: USA

I've always lived a peaceful life. I never look for fights.
I even stood for tax and prohibition.
But now I'm getting peevish and I'll battle for my rights.
The holdup men have changed my disposition.
A burglar leaves you something when he calls,
But the bandits I mean have no heart at all.

Oh, oh, oh, those landlords,
Are making a wild man of me.
What's the use of working,
When you never save a cent?
Every thirty days they come along
And raise your rent.
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If you dare to raise a holler you get raised another dollar,
So it's better to leave well enough alone.
The bathroom pipes are leaking, but no plumber can be found.
By the time the landlord sends one my poor family's swimming round.
Then he sells each one a bathing suit so they can get around.
Those have no feelings, dollar stealing, landlords.

Oh, oh, oh, those landlords are getting more daring each day.
In another year if they keep boosting up the rent,
We'll all have to move out to the woods and live in tents.
The way they're disposessing life in gale would be a blessing,
Fair at least, they keep you warm in wintertime.

If you don't like it move, your landlord tell him looking sour.
The guy that owns the moving van wants fifty bucks an hour.
So you stay and pay the rent because they have you in their power.
Those domineering, profiteering, landlords!
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Oh, oh, oh, those landlords,
We can't even stop them by law.
The first one charges heavy rent so he can sell the cheque,
The next one adds on more so he can get his money back.
Our living they begrudge us, while they laugh at court and judges.
Pretty soon they'll charge us if we breathe the air.
We used to think that janitors had lives of misery,
But janitors don't even work as hard as you or me.
And besides who wouldn't cross the hallway if their rent were free?
Tho' you'll obey us who more pay us Landlords!


1 - The Music Trade Review, August 30, 1919, p. 13

2 - The composer could be Halsey K Mohr

3 - Singers included, Irving Kaufman, May 1919 (Columbia A-2765), Dave Bud Bernie 1919 (Emerson 7535), Arthur Fields 1919 (Emserson 9221) and George Formby (with a much shorter version).