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Lead Poison On The Wall

Song: Lead Poison On The Wall
Lyrics: Jimmy Collier(2)

Music: Jimmy Collier
Year: 1966
Country: USA

Lead poison on the wall,
kills little guys and little dolls,
It kills them big and it kills them small,
While we stand by and watch them fall,
And the landlord does nothing to stop it all,
That death on the wall.

There's poison in the paint,
Enough to make a little child faint,
Enough to blind his eyes,
Enough to make him die, from the...
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There's plaster falling from the ceiling,
Plaster falling and plaster peeling,
Doesn't the landlord have any feeling?
Someone's responsible for all that killing, from that...


Urine samples and knocking' on doors,
Label of paint in all of the stores,
Rally and action and you cannot ignore
There's still children dying so we've got to do more, on that...
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2 - Jimmy Collier biography