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Homelessness, song lyrics

Song: Homelessness
Lyrics: Peter Berryman(1)

Music: Lou Berryman(1)
Year: ©2005 L&P Berryman
Genre: Folk
Country: USA

I never dreamed I'd ever be,
Without a home to comfort me
'Til a friend of mine this very Spring
Lost his whole house and everything.
So now I know that life is strange,
That all is luck and luck can change,
And don't forget, it's sad but true,
The next time around it could be you.
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One runaway truck,
One slip in the muck,
One stretch of bad luck,
One family feud,
One litigious old prude,
One long bad mood,
One toaster too hot,
One investment that's not,
One tiny blood clot;
One decision on gin,
One paycheck too thin,
One dumb night of sin,

My poor old pal is on the street,
It's extra sad 'cause he's so sweet,
But even if he were a creep,
The lug should have a place to sleep.
So anyway, it's really true,
That the next time around it could be you,
And when you say, "how can it be?"
It could be worse, it could be me.

One letter too strong,
One adventure gone wrong,
One sick-leave too long,
One knock on the door,
One slippery floor,
One nuclear war,
One slip of the pen,
One downsizing trend,
One back-stabbing friend,
One identity thief,
One flaky belief,
One slice of bad beef,
This song was originally posted on
Once I did agree with you,
That fiscal plans make dreams come true,
Now I know that I was nuts,
That fate is king and fate's a putz,
But now I'd say that you'd be smart,
To squirrel away a shopping cart,
And if they ever ever change your locks,
Mi cardboard box, su cardboard box
My cardboard box, your cardboard box.


1 - Peter Berryman biography. And be sure to check out the Lou and Peter Berryman website for CDs and mp3's. We thank Peter for his permission for posting these lyrics.