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High Rise Tenements, song lyrics

Song: High Rise Tenements
Lyrics: Jaribu Hill & Ngoma Hill(1)

Music: Jaribu Hill & Ngoma Hill
Year: 1981
Genre: Blues
Country: USA

High rise tenements
No sentiments for the residents
High rise tenements
No sentiments for the residents.

Rats and roaches running wild
Out the window falls a child
Just because there was no rail
and the window still was frail.
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(REFRAIN - repeat twice)

Brother Johnson froze in bed
Boiler broke, paint filled with lead
Asbestos dangling above his head
At 39 why is he dead?

(REFRAIN - repeat twice)

Landlord wants to raise the rent
Inflation up 18 percent
Con-Ed(2) sucks your pocket dry
Oil bills rising to the sky.

(REFRAIN - repeat twice)

You won't see this on TV
Censorship of truth denies
Reality of human cries.

(REFRAIN - repeat twice)

We can stop and start anew
Something good for me and you
Organize it's time to fight
For decent housing is our right.


1 - From the band Serious Bizness and their 1982 album For Your Immediate Attention!

2 - "Con-Ed", Consolidated Edison, electricity company.