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Song of the Evicted Tenant, lyrics

Song: Song of the Evicted Tenant
Lyrics: Icie Jewell Lawrence (age 11)(1)

Music: to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun"
Year: 1937 (Adaptation 1976)(1)
Genre: Folk
Country: USA

Way down in old St. Francis bottom,(2)
Where they call it the Devil's Den,
Where many a poor tenant has lost their home.
And me, O God, I'm one.

About the twentieth of January(3),
When God sent a great big flood,
It run the planters from their beautiful homes,
And now they live in tenants.
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The planter said to the tenants one morning,
"Oh, boys, how do you like this?"
"Oh, boss, it ain't a-hurting me,"
The tenants said to him.

"For if you live in a refugee camp,
Or in some tenant's home,
You'd learn not to be a-feared of ice,
Or fear the burnin' sun."
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"Oh, boss, don't you see where you done wrong,
When you throwed me out of my shack.
And I had to build me a tent,
Out of my old picksack."


1 - Information from the Album, Sundown, Agnes `Sis' Cunningham. Adaptation by Agnes (Sis) Cunningham.

2 - St. Francis bottom from Wikipedia. "Bottom" as in "bottom lands," consisting of swamps and low ridges (mostly in the northern region) between it, the highlands and the Mississippi River.

3 - The flood of 1937 from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas.