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Denied a Home, song lyrics

Song: Denied a Home
Lyrics: Harry S. Miller(1)

Music: Harry S. Miller
Year: early 20th century
Country: USA

A poor, aged couple one day on the street
Stood asking assistance of each one they'd meet;
The snow it was falling, they shivered with cold,
I thought, what a pity, so feeble and old;
I gave them assistance, they thanked with a bow;
I asked if they'd no one to care for them now,
Have you no children to whom you could look?
They answered me sadly, their old heads they shook: "Yes."
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We had two children, two bright, loving boys;
They were our idols, our pride and our joys;
The youngest, he left us, the wide world to roam,
The other's a banker, denies us a home.

While hearing their story, a stranger drew nigh;
I saw, by appearance, he'd not pass them by;
He gazed but a moment, then cried in surprise:
"What! father and mother?" while tears filled his eyes;
He spoke of a brother he left years ago"
Oh, is he so cruel, to treat you both so?
Now I have plenty, you'll not want in vain";
And still I can fancy I hear them again: "Yes." This song was originally posted on

A year has rolled over since first I did meet
The old couple begging out in the cold street;
The son, who, in luxury, was forced to the wall,
In wild speculations lost fortune and all.
The old folks, in pity, they took him in, then;
A home, too, they gave him, which he denied them; Now they are happy and thankful to-day,
And yet I can hear them as on that cold day: "Yes."



1 - Harry S. Miller from Wikipedia.

2 - Published in "Tim, The Tinker Songster", Published by Henry, J. Wehman, 130 & 132 Park Row, New York, price 25 cents, p. 14.