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Arson's Just Business, song lyrics

Song: Arson's Just Business
Lyrics: Paul Emery(1)

Music: Paul Emery
Year: 1982
Genre: Folk
Country: USA

Baby, you wont' believe it,
How someone could come around
And take our house,
Just burn it down,
The landlord's standing by the firetrucks,
Over there with the police,
Over there the kids are standing in a puddle,
Hell, it's night time on the street.

They say they're sorry,
There's nothin' they can do,
It happens all the time,
LA, Chicago, New York, it's nothin' new;
They all got insurance,
And that's the lucky thing,
'Cause ain't no way to catch the bastards,
Come and done this thing.
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They'll burn down the whole darn city, man,
Get paid their share,
What the Hell's the difference,
Ain't no reason for us to be staying here,
Ain't no jobs left,
Just booze and junkies and welfare,
Arson's just business,
And business it don't care.


And really the building
Wasn't worth much anyway;
You remember how the wind blew, baby,
And how the curtains you put up would sway?
Shit, it got so cold sometimes,
We'd all sleep together in one bed;
Burnt up everything we had in the house, baby,
I'm just glad no one's dead.
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When you come home, baby,
We can drive on down the street;
Of course by then al the ashes
Will be covered up by weeks;
The things is, it really scares me,
All the hope and love that burnt up there,
Thirty years of our life,
We tried to raise a family there.



1 - Though we have reached out to a couple of Paul Emery's, we have not received any responses to confirm who, if either, is the author of this song.