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Tenants Rights Songs

Landlords, Affordable Housing & Homelessness Song Lyrics

A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore, Tom Glazer, 1944

Arson's Just Business, Paul Emery, 1982

Bad Housing Blues, Waring Cuny & Josh White, c.1940

Ballad of the Landlord, Langston Hughes, 1927

Christmas Eve on the East Side, Aunt Molly Jackson , 1936

Cockroach Blues, Julius Lester, 1965

Coercion - Hold the Rent, Fanny Parnell, 1881 (about Irish Tenant Farmers)

Denied a Home, Harry S. Miller, early 1900's

Gentrification Blues, Laura Liben & Judith Levine, 1982

High Rise Tenements, Jaribu & Ngoma Hill, 1982

Homeless Blues, Porter Grainger, 1927 (sung by Bessie Smith)

Homeless Blues, Willie Smith, 1947

Homelessness, Peter Berryman, 2005

I'm Looking for a Home (Housing Song), The Priority Ramblers, 1943

I've Got the Profiteering Blues, Al. Wilson & Irving Bibo, 1920

I Ripped Off What I Could, Charles Ipcar & Maxine Parshall, 1974

It's Cheaper To Move Than Pay Rent, George A. Swain, 1886

Keno the Rent Man, c. 1929

Landlady, Peter Berryman, 1980

Landlord's Lullaby,Maxine Parshall & Charlie Ipcar, 1972

Lead Poison On The Wall, Jimmy Collier, 1966

Love Me I'm Your Landlord, Ann Arbor Tenants Union, 1981

Mary's Little Lot, Mary C. Hudson, 1906

Mean Old Bed Bug Blues, L. Wood, 1927

No House, Malvina Reynolds, 1958

No Vacancy, Merle Travis, 1946

Oh Those Landlords, Mohr, 1919

On To Sacramento, Mario Casetta, 1947

One Man's Ceiling, Paul Simon, 1973

Our Boarding House, Nat M. Wills, 1908

Pity the Downtrodden Landlord, Barnet Woolf & Arnold Clayton, 1946

Raisin' The Rent, Ted Koehler & Harold Arlen, 1933

Rent Strike Blues, James Collier, 1966

Sadie, Sandee Swantek, 1982

Slum Landlord of the Lower East Side Tuli Kupferberg (The Fugs), 1965

Song of the Evicted Tenant Icie Jewell Lawrence, 1937

Stop that Noise Dave Marlon, 1895

Talking Inflation Blues, Tom Glazer, 1946

Talking Rent Blues, Anonymous, c. 1976

Talking Tenant Blues Mike Rawson, 1977

Tenants All Over The City, Elyse Crystall, 1986

That Greedy Landlord Karl Fred Dallas, 1960

The Ann Arbor Tenant Song Kathy Taylor, 1971

The Faucets Are Dripping, Malvina Reynolds, 1959

The Jolly Tenants Union, Martha Koester, 1982

The Landlord Blues, Edward Laska, 1919

The Landlord's Song, by "W. W.", c. 1800's

The Old Landlord's Dump, Mark Charles & Sheila Ritter, 1981

The Work of the Landlord, Stephen Suffet, 1971

Together We Can Move Mountains, Beverly Grant, 1975

We're Gonna Stay, Mike Rawson, 1980

We Need Housing, Frances Goldin, 1968

You Can't Just Take Our Homes Away, Tony Heriza, 1979