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Songs About Poverty

A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore, by Tom Glazer, 1944

(Civilian Conservation Corps.) CCC Blues, Washboard Sam, 1938

Crossbones Skully, Aunt Molly Jackson, c.1930's

Despised for Being Poor, C. H. Austin, 1885

Dialectic, Malvian Reynolds, 1960

Don't Put the Workingman Down, Bobby Newcomb, 1877

Farewell Song (Man of Constant Sorrow), Richard Burnett, 1913

Give Bread to the Poor, James Dillon & A. W. Young, 1878

Hard Times in Coleman's Mines, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1939

High Rise Tenements, Jaribu & Ngoma Hill, 1982

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live, Blind Alfred Reed, 1929

Hungry Ragged Blues, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1930

I Ain't Got No Home, Woody Guthrie, 1938

Increase of Crime, "J. C. J.", 1872

Inflation Blues (song 1), Robinson, 1947

Inflation Blues (song 2), Louis Jordan, 1947

Inflation Blues (song 3), Allegretto Alexander & Louis Jordan, 1947

It's a Long Way Down to the Soupline, Joe Hill, 1915

March of the Hungry Men, Reginald Wright Kaufman, 1930

Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Jimmy Cox, 1923

Pocket's Empty, Friends are Gone, John T. Rutledge, 1882

Poor Man, Rich Man (Cotton Mill Colic No. 2), Dave McCarn, 1930

Poverty's Child Charles Van Anden, 1870

Rich Man and the Poor Man, Bob Miller, 1932

Sadie, Sandee Swantek, 1982

The Panic Is On, Hezekiah Jenkins, 1931

The White Slave Joe Hill, 1912

There are Ninety and Nine, circa 1890