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Songs About Social Issues

Aboriginal: Indian Rights songs

Capitalism: Songs about Capitalism, such as business and banks

Discrimination: Songs about Discrimination & Racism

Environment: Enviromental songs & lyrics

Farm: Farmers and Farming songs & lyrics

Funny: Funny Lyrics

Great Depression: Songs about the Great Depression song lyrics, the Dust Bowl and Prohibition

History: Historical Events in songs & lyrics

Inspirational: Inspirational songs & lyrics

LGBT: LGBT protest songs & lyrics

Medical: Medicine and Diseases in songs & lyrics

Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous songs & lyrics

Police & Courts: Police and Courts in songs & lyrics

Politics: Politics U Politician songs & lyrics

Poverty: Songs about Poverty

Protest: Organizing and Meetings songs & lyrics

Slavery: Slavery & Emancipation songs lyrics

Tenants: Tenants' Rights songs & lyrics

War & Peace: War and Peace songs & lyrics

Women: Songs about Women's Rights

Workers: Labor Union song lyrics

Youth: Youth Issues and Children's Rights in songs & lyrics

Joe Hill songs lyrics