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Walk in Peace

Song: Walk In Peace (Parts 1 and 2)
Lyrics: Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard (Sir Lancelot)(3)

Music: Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard (Sir Lancelot)(3)
Year: 1946
Genre: Calypso
Country: USA(3)

Walk in Peace (Part 1)

For it's as simple as one and one makes two,
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you,
It's the only way that wars will cease,
And men of goodwill shall walk in peace.

Ev'ryone who's been to school,
Heard about the Golden Rule,
It's a story old but true,
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you,
Now the way it looks to me,
It's a case of reciprocity,
We must observe it implicitly,
If we hope to save the world from calamity.


We must learn to give and take,
If a better world we hope to make,
How can you teach Hungarians democracy,
While at home you practice racial bigotry?
We must respect the other fellow's point of view;
He has a right to his opinions, too.
You know, the "know how" of being free,
Is not a Yankee monopoly.


Now friends I don' think it's fair,
To spew so much venom on the air,
About the cruel and evil Russian Bear,
And threaten to atomize his rear,
Simply because ^ ^^ 2 tries,
With all the power that within him lies,
to bring the people of his great country,
The blessings of abundance and security.
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Walk in Peace (Part 2)

We condemn them for supposed tyranny,
And denial to the press of liberty.
But tell me this one thing, candidly:
Is Greece, or Spain, or even China, free?
And black men in this great democracy,
Do they walk with noble dignity?
Or do they hang their heads in shame,
And torture their souls in a Jim Crow train?


What a great pity it is to see,
Churches in our beloved country,
Denying the brotherhood of man,
By bowing to the doctrine of segregation.
These are the wrongs we must rectify,
If the American way we would have others try,
Of them I think of democracy,
Just another form of Nazi tyranny.
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It's not enough to boast about democracy,
Of constitutions and liberty,
While in Congress there's nothing of decency,
To put an end to fillibustering chicanery,
We must practice what we preach,
If we would Poles and Balkans teach,
That in our great land the world might see,
A shining example of democracy.



I mean it adds up man.


1 - Transcribed June 2012.

2 - I could never get what the missing three syllables were. If you have an ideal please email us. Thank you

3 - Sir Lancelot on Wikipedia