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A Would-be Politician, song lyrics

Song: A Would-be Politician
Lyrics: Warner Crosby (1) (2)

Music: Warner Crosby (1) (2)
Year: 1891 (1) (2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

I thought I had a mission,
To be a politician;
And show the boys some tricks they never knew;
I had a little money,
This may to you sound funny,
(First verse spoken here,) For in politics 'tis "boodle, boodle," "tin" and "glue."
I was a "prime good fellow,"
"So kind, so free so mellow,"
The gang, they grew to love me more and more,
They pushed me and groomed me,
They puff'd me and boom'd me,
They well'd my head, They well'd my head fourteen by twenty four.
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I kept the boodle flowing,
The gang kept loudly blowing;
They had a cinch on ev'ry thing in sight;
They kept things swiftly moving,
An said I was improving,
(First verse spoken here,) I never slept a wink, a wink by day or night,
I never kicked or grumbled,
I never even "tumbled,"
I thought I'd soon have office honor, fame,
But alas, in the convention,
My name they did not mention,
An then I had'nt, Then I hadnt a dollar to my name.


1 - Published by National Music Co., Chicago

2 - Copy of the sheet music

3 - Other music by Warner Crosby, at the US Library of Congress.