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Poor Wee Billy McMahon, song lyrics

Song: Poor Wee Billy McMahon
Lyrics: Eric Bogle(1)

Music: Eric Bogle(1)(2)
Year: 1972
Genre: Folk
Country: Australia

Now this country is lucky they say, well I think our luck just blew away,
Disaster has struck us, and all hope is dead,
In place of John Gorton(3), we now have instead,
A bandy-legged pixie, with a wee baldy head,
It's poor wee Billy McMahon(4).

Ah, poor wee Billy McMahon he's certainly no Superman.
He tries to be with it, and he dresses quite moddy,
But with his big ears, and his skinny wee body,
He looks like a cross between Big Ears(5) and Noddy(6),
Poor wee Billy McMahon.
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Now he and his wife flew away, across to the U. S. of A.,
When he got there said, Nixon(7), "I don't know your name,
Where you have come from, or why you came,
But I must say your wife is a good looking dame."
Poor wee Billy McMahon.

Oh, poor wee Billy McMahon, the original Invisible Man,
His presence is weak, and his impact is nil,
For a complete non-event you just can't beat our Bill,
What a pity his mom hadn't been on The Pill.
Poor wee Billy McMahon.
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Now Bill made no impact at all 'til Sonya he took to a ball,
When they walked in Dick Nixon(7) nearly choked on his rum,
When they saw Sonia's(8) dress all the guests were struck down,
For the dress had a side slit right up to her bum,
Poor wee Billy McMahon.

Ah, poor wee Billy McMahon, the perennial also-ran,
Beside sexy Sonia(8) he appeared a has-been,
She was flashed over the papers as Australia's first queen,
And we hear she's the next playmate in Playboy magazine.
Poor wee Billy McMahon.
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So if your finances are low, off to the States you should go,
But there's one thing for certain sure as eggs is eggs
It's no good sending someone who scrapes, bows and begs,
For God's sake send a dame with a nice pair of legs,
Don't send Bill McMahon.

Ah, poor wee Billy McMahon, the original Invisible Man,
When action is called for, when the going gets rough,
It's there you'll see Billy in doing his stuff,
With the force and effect of a pink powder-puff.
Poor wee Billy McMahon.


1 - Visit the website for Eric Bogle, a great folk song musician who is very entertaining.

2 - Eric Bogle biography from his website.

3 - John Gorton Prime Minister of Australia from 1968 to 1971.

4 - Billy McMahon Australian Prime Minister from only 1971 to 1972.

5 - Big Ears another character in the Enid Blyton children's books.

6 - Noddy the main character in the series Enid Blyton children's books.

7 - Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America from

8 - Sonia McMahon the wife of William McMahon, the Prime Minister of Australia from 1971 to 1972.

Australian Prime Minister William McMahon, Lady Sonia McMahon, and US President Richard Nixon, November 1971.