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On To Victory, song lyrics

Song: On To Victory
Lyrics: Helen B. Chamberlin(1)

Music: Helen B. Chamberlin
Year: 1900(1)
Genre: March
Country: USA

(From the cover:) "Respectifully Dedicated to W. J. Bryan (2)

We hear our children crying
    For the bread we cannot win,
Tho' we work from early dawn
    'till close of day;
For monopoly has bound us
    As slaves in chains of gold(3)(4),
We are rising now to break the tyrants sway.
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On to Victory! A hundred-thousand strong,
We are marching onward, marching day by day;
Bryan as our standard bearer,
Human life a sacred right,
We will triumph over all monopoly.

The oppressed of other nations
    Turn to us in eager need,
For just laws to give them work
    And honest pay;
In the dollars which our father
    In their wisdom knew were right,
Good for rich and poor alike for every day.
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Should our wives be sadly weeping
    And our homes the house of woe,
For the loved ones cruelly slain
    so far away(4);
Shall we vote for human bondage
    To incorporated greed,
Blindly vote for wrong then dare to Heaven pray.



1 - Transcribed from the sheet music published by Helen B. Chamberlin, Storm Lake, Iowa, 1900. Price: 40 cents. Sorry no details of her are known by us; If you do please let us know. The sheet music also says she was the author of the song We'll Stand By The Constitution, though we have not found a copy of that.

2 - William Jennings Bryan was the Democratic Party candidate trying for a second run for President of the united States in 1900, losing to incumbent President William McKinley.

3 - Bryan was ran on bimetallism, that is having both Silver and Gold as the standard backing up the United States dollar. Here is information about Bryan's 1996 Cross of Gold speech.

4 - This is a reference to the Spanish-American War and U.S. control of the Philippines.