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National Labor Party
I'll Never Vote Like Daddy Anymore, song lyrics

Song: National Labor Party (I'll Never Vote Like Daddy Anymore)
Lyrics: Arch McDowell(1)(2)

Music: Arch McDowell(1)
Year: 1920(1)
Country: United States of America

I've joined the National Labor Party(3),
I'll tell you the reason why;
My daddy was a Democrat(4),
My mother a G. O. P.(5),
And when the war broke out,
My daddy said to me:
"If you vote for Woodrow Wilson(6),
You will never have to fight
Nor cross the deep blue sea;
And you will always be at home
and near the fireside,
With your darling mother and me."
This song was originally posted on
I am through with Woodrow Wilson and his party,
I am through with Lowden(7) and the G.O.P.,
I have joined the National Labor party,
It's the only party for you and me.
I am me.

Well, I voted for Woodrow Wilson,
Who was to keep me free,
But it never kept me home,
Or from going across the sea,
When they called me to the colors,
'Twas to fight for Old Glory,
And the freedom of the Seas;
But it was for Morgan(8)
and his money you'll agree.
Now the National Labor Party
Is for Women and for Men,
'Tis the only party for me.



1 - From the sheet music, published by Legters Music Co., Chicago.

2 - Sorry we have no information on Arch McDowell. If you do and would like to share it with us it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us through the "About" page in the above menu. Thank you.

3 - National Labor Party was formed in 1919, but changed its name at its 1920 presidential nominating convention to the Farmer-Labor Party to appeal to farmers. This song was clearly an election campaign song for the 1920 U.S. Presidential election.

4 - Democratic Party, United States of America.

5 - G.O.P. or Grand Old Party, also known as the Repubican Party, USA

6 - President Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), biography from the White House.

7 - Illinois Governor Frank Orren Lowden (1861-1943) and member of the Republican Party.

8 - Banker J. P. Morgan.