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Gold is the Standard to Win, 1896 Republican Party campaign song lyrics

Song: Gold is the Standard to Win
Lyrics: M. B. Shellman(1)

Music: F. S. Pearson(1)
Year: 1896(1)
Country: USA

"A Campaign Song."

McKinley(2) is the people's choice,
As we can plainly see;
His name is now on ev'ry tongue,
From Maine to Tennessee,
He's always on the side of right,
And comes out firm and bold,
And he will surely win the fight,
For the good old standard gold(3)(4).
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Gold, gold, gold,
Gold is the standard to win,
And the box that will hold American gold(3)(4),
Is made of American tin.

Oh, workman in the dusky mines,
The battle is at hand,
Don't throw away your sacred right,
But help to save the land,
Be not deceived by silver(3)(4)(5) tones,
Be firm, and true, and bold,
Look past the selfish greed of men,
And cast your vote for gold(3)(4).
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Protection was the battle cry,
Throughout this great broad land,
When free trade heard its funeral knell,
Rung by McKinley's hand,
Then rally, workmen, once again,
Around your leader bold,
Protect the Nation's sacred name,
And cast your votes for gold(3)(4).



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2 - The successful 1896 Republican candidate for the President of the United States of America, William McKinley.

3 - Silver vs. Gold, wedge issue of the 1896 election, from the Smithsonian Institute.

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7 - John Sherman On “The Crime of 1873” in a speech before the Ohio Republican Convention, on August 15, 1895 on the U.S. Treasury's decisions on silver versus gold.