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Free Silver & Bryan in 1900, Democratic Party, Presidential Election campaign, song lyrics

Song: Free Silver & Bryan in 1900
Lyrics: Lyman F. George(1)

Music: Laurence B. O'Connor(1)
Year: 1897(1)
Country: USA

"Dedicated to the Massachusetts Democratic Club"

When Washington thrashed our alien foe,
He gained our independence;
But his bimetalic policy,
Earned us our ascendance.
'Till seventy three we gain in wealth,
Under this policy wise;
Until our Shylocks did by stealth,
SILVER demonetize.(3)
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Free silver! Free silver!
Restore to us free silver,
Restore to us our heritage,
That Judas Sherman stole!(3)(8)
Over throw each ring and trust,
Tread monopoly in the dust!
Nineteen hundred is the year,
Your vote for Bryan(4) poll.
Free poll.

The greatest trust is the Trust of Gold,
To which our ills are due:
It first enslaved all foreign toil,
And now it threatens you.
They offer us tariff and confidence,
To remedy our distress.
We'll settle it next time at the polles,
And straighten out this mess.
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Come free men! Come free men!
Come rally! Noble free men!
Our lion-hearted Bryan(4) cheers,
Our weary hearted soul.
Peerless is our leader brave,
Fearless he'll our country save,
Nineteen hundred is the year,
Onward! to the goal.
Come, goal.


The usury ground from honest toil,
By this hideous MONEY TRUST,
Corrupts the lobbies of Senate and House,
And feeds executive lust.
Tear from the brow this crown of thorns,
Relieve our struggling nation!
Throw down the curel cross of gold
By Silver remonetization.


Then open the mints, - give silver a chance,
Unlimited coinage free,
And save our land by a sound finance,
From a fearful catastrophe.
Let silver with gold the burden share,
Sixteen to one, they'll mingle.
For well we know since seventy-three(3),
Gold can't do it single.



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2 - From the sheet music: "Sung at the Jefferson Anniversary Banquet, April 13, 1897, by W.T. Miller."

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