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All Sing Cuckoo, song lyrics

Song: Cuckoo! Cuckoo! All Sing Cuckoo!
Lyrics: "C. Sharp Junior"(1)

Music: "B. Flat Senior"(1)
Year: 1894(1)
Genre: Waltz
Country: USA

"Republican Campaign Song"

I'll sing you a ditty 'tis not very long,
About our king Grover(2), "Cuckoo"; la, la, la,
I think the good people will relish the song,
And likewise king Grover, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la.

His little men up in the Senate, no doubt,
All sing as he teaches, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la,
His little men down in the House peep it out,
As taught them by Grover, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la.
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His Editors sing it in sharp and in flat,
As taught them by Grover, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la,
The man on the corner with rooster in hat,
Is singing King Grover, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la.

Says Grover "Queen Lili's(3)(4) an innocent sweet,"
And Paramount answers, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la,
"The throne of Hawaii is her proper seat,"
And Lili she gurgles, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la.
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But somehow one Dole(5) did not scare worth a cent,
Nor sing Mister Willis(6) "Cuckoo"; la, la, la,
The Democrat rooster fell down in a faint,
Amazed at not hearing, "Cuckoo"; la, la, la.

But poor Uncle Sam in his star spangled vest,
Is weary and tired of "Cuckoo"; la, la, la,
O! Grover, we beg you to give him a rest,
And call off your "Fridays," "Cuckoo"; la, la, la.

(REFRAIN: Slow Waltz movement,)
He windeth his clock in the White House Hall,
And teacheth his "Fridays" to heed its call.

(CUCKOO CHORUS: Slow March,)
Cuckoo! oo-oo, Ev'ry body Cuckoo!
Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! You cuckoo too!
Cuckoo! oo-oo, Ev'ry body Cuckoo!
Cuckoo! oo-oo, cuckoo! oo, All sing "cuck-oo!"


1 - Transcribed from the sheet music published by Emil Wulschner & Son, Indianapolis, Indiana, and printed by Carlon & Hollenbeck, Printers, Monument Place, Indianapolis. Obviously the authors names are pseudonyms.

2 - President Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), biography from the White House. He was the first Democrat elected after the U.S. Civil War in 1885.

3 - Queen Liliʻuokalani (1838-1917), was the last monarch ofthe Kingdom of Hawaii. Biography from the History Channel.

4 - Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen by Liliuokalani, 1898, from the University fo Pennsylvania.

5 - Sanford B. Dole (1844-1926), who became the first President of the Republic of Hawaii.

6 - Albert S. Willis (1843-1897) a Democratic Congressman from Kentucky, and Minister to Hawaii under President Cleveland.

7 - The last page of the sheet music has extensive text which may be found here sheet music back page which has been visually enhanced. The beginning of the text starts as:
A bird of the genus Cuculus, deriving its name from its note. The European species builds no nest of its own, but lays its eggs in the nests of other birds, to be hatched by them. -Webster.
On the 18th of October last, in the course of some remarks on the Silver Repeal bill, Senator Morgan said: " The trumpet had sounded, the clock had struck at the White House, and the Cuckoos here all put their heads out of the boxes and responded to inform us of the time of day." This was the first use of the word in its present sense, but it remained for Congressman Wilson, of Washingto, to popularize it. When the Silver repeal bill was returned to the House, and while Representative Tracey, of New York, was effusively thanking the administration men for their loyalty, Mr. Wilson, from his seat on the Republican side, sang out "cuckoo" in a voice that exactly imitated tlie sound of a cuckoo clock. The effect was electrical. The house roared, and from that moment "cuckoo" became a famous word. - lndianapolis Journal, February 14, 1894.

8 - That music sheet back page ends with "Burdette's Advice to Young Voters". Robert Jones Burdette. While Burdette claims to not "want to influence your vote" clearly that is the precise intention of his statement.